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I have been in the beauty industry since 1997, starting out with glamour makeup and styling hair for photo shoots.  I've trained with several master stylists over my years some of which are international competition winners.  I have worked in Charleston, SC, and in Charlotte, NC meeting wonderful long term clients.  I have built a business based on referrals and online reviews since moving back to Greenville SC near my home town.   I have been asked to do hair and makeup for not only weddings and special occasions such as prom, but also for fashion shows.  Everyday hair is VERY important to me which is why I'm behind a chair every day.  HEALTHY HAIR IS MY FIRST PRIORITY!  After that, everything else is a breeze, and you shouldn't fight your hair everyday, it should come easy...that's what I do for you.

Why am I different?  

What makes me stand out from other stylist in Greenville or the Upstate?  I truly listen to each of my clients, offer them the best technical work possible, and improve on their ideas.  Exceeding expectations is one of my daily goals.  No matter the condition of your hair, chances are, in one sitting with me you will get more compliments on your hair than you've ever had. I never turn away a client, and I have extended hours to meet your busy lifestyle.

I do two haircuts per sitting.  The wet cut determines the overall shape and length.  After drying the hair and styling it, I then proceed to the second cut.  This is where I POLISH the ends, keeping them healthy and making them last longer during the grow-out phase.  This usually takes care of any knots and tangles you normally would feel everyday, and gives your hair a silky feel.

Razor tapering the men haircuts is always a plus.  Not everyone can do it, few can do it well.  My male clients come back to me regularly because they get a better cut, better feel, and longer lasting cut with razor detailing after the cut.

ALL CURLS ARE NOT CUT THE SAME!  Specializing in curls also helps my clients feel like they are getting individual curl attention.  Mushroom head is NOT currently in style, and I've never had a client say they want that look!

THIN HAIR can be made to look thicker and fuller!  Cutting thin hair and being able to achieve layers is an art that I have perfected.  You will look like you have 3x more hair than you do when it is cut and layered correctly.

HAIR REPLACEMENT:  If you don't have hair for any reason.  I can create some for you!  See my gallery page for before and after with details on this awesome service not many stylists offer!

Layering is done gently.  There are many types of layers, but I specialize in creating smooth undetectable layers that you can chose to accentuate by adding bounce or curl with an iron, or smooth through so that they are not noticeable.   This is a technique I have developed on my own, and has been a HIT with my clients.

BLEACH:  Not everyone needs this type of highlighting.  On certain hair types it can be very damaging.  I believe that the strength and health of the hair comes first, using high lift color on hair before using bleach.  Using the wrong thing on your hair will turn it brittle, dry, and brassy in some cases.

Timely and accurate performance is given to all clients.  I record every color I mix on their client info card, and can make adjustments to the color service per season or at the client request.

I am very proud to announce that I am now partnered with the Dermatologists that created Proactive.  This awesome skincare line is NEW, and gives you results after just one use!  Preferred Customers get 10% off the order and FREE shipping each time, and the auto-shipment every two months can be changed each time if you wish. No minimum purchase required, and excellent customer service by yours truly.  If you have any questions at any time, just contact me.

The link to my skincare site (Rodan and Fields) is listed on my welcome page.

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